Frederick, Maryland, October 9, 2009
UPDATE: Web visitor KentW sent me a brief note saying I should fish this creek again at a later date. The low water level is normal for this time of year and fish are here. I just didn't look hard enough for them.)

Since I was in the Frederick Municipal Forest investigating the fishing possibilities on
Fishing Creek and striking out I also decided to scout Little Fishing Creek to see if this body of water housed any trout.

Little Fishing Creek flows alongside Gambrill Park Road and into Fishing Creek just above Fishing Creek Reservoir. Unlike Fishing Creek, Little Fishing Creek is not a stocked put-and-take stream but is managed as a two-fish-per-day body of water. But here's the rub--where are the fish?

I began at the bottom of Little Fishing Creek and worked my way uphill, stopping at various pull-offs to check the water. One fact becomes evident quickly. This is REALLY small, shallow water. More so than Fishing Creek. At some spots I could touch the other side of the creek with my rod. And although the water runs clear, it's very shallow--inches deep in most spots. Some of the deeper pools contained very tiny fish, which weren't trout. They were extremely spooky so I observed them from a distance but the minute you began to approach, they scattered and hid under leaves or rocks and it took about 20 minutes or more for them to settle down and reappear only to panic and scatter again if you even moved your hand to attempt a cast.
There is heavy cover along both banks of the creek and, like on neighboring Fishing Creek, your equipment should consist of a short rod, long leader and fine tippet. However good luck trying to find anything to catch. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong spots or missed the secret spot known only to the locals, but I did not and could not spot any fish that could put a bend on a 2-weight. I did spot other cars and trucks parked along the road as I approached the upper third of Little Fishing Creek but all of these vehicles were
hunters and the sound of occasional gunfire boomed through the valley. And here's a bit of obvious advice--during deer season I strongly recommend wearing highly visible clothing if you're fishing in an area frequented by hunters. You'd look pretty silly strapped to the hood of an SUV.
EQUIPMENT: Small, short rods that are light in line weight (1, 2, or 3-weights), long leaders tapering to 7X tippet. Small flies. Lots of patience. I spotted no fish that was worth a cast, but that doesn't mean there aren't any there. I may have missed them or maybe did not look in the right spots.

DIRECTIONS: Follow Route 15 to Frederick, Maryland, and turn left on Powell Road. Follow Powell Road and turn right onto Mountaindale Road. Follow Mountaindale Road, which will narrow considerably and become a gravel path as you pass through residential areas as you enter the foothills of the Frederick Municipal Forest. Fishing Creek Reservoir will appear on your left as you begin to drive uphill. When you come to a fork in the gravel road go RIGHT. This is Gambrill Park Road and Little Hunting Creek parallels the road (The left fork is Mountaindale Road and Fishing Creek runs past this path).

A bit further up the mountain the Little Fishing Creek flows under the road and comes up on the opposite side. There are NO posted street signs and the road remains a gravel path all the way up and around Frederick Municipal Forest.

If you want to shortcut to Fishing Creek, stay on Gambrill Park Road until it becomes a blacktop road and you're headed downhill. Take a LEFT on Delauler Road which will take you to Mountaindale Road/Fishing Creek Road (WARNING: Fishing Creek flows across Delauler Road several yards before it reaches Mountaindale Road. If you have a low-clearance vehicle and the water is running high, you might have a problem crossing).