Honolulu, Hawaii, June 28, 2008
A report from SteveL
Alan and I went out to ****** about 45 minutes before sunset. It was a dropping .5 foot tide with a light trade wind which felt great on such a hot, muggy day.

Alan used squid for bait and dunked from shore while I walked the flats a couple of hundred yards out to fly fish. I glanced back to shore and was amused by the sight of my son surrounded by party-goers from a nearby house. He said they were curious and wanted to see if he hooked anything. After a while, I guess they all got hungry and went back to their barbeque.

The fish always seem to be near shore at this place. I got no bites and
headed back to shore as the sun started to disappear over the horizon. Right around 7:15pm and again at 7:45pm, Alan gets strikes. The first fish is 3.4 pounds at 18-inches and the second was 5.1 pounds at 21-inches. We tagged and release both fish. We are participating in the Oceanic Institute/Sea Grant Oio (Bonefish) tagging program and are part of the Beta group testing the data collection

NOTE: If you want to read about the previous effort to gather data on bonefish in Hawaii, a paper published by Dr. Bruce S. Anderson and reproduced with his permission on this website in 2006 is available in the Bonefish Archives of mikescatchreport.com