Valley Forge National Park, Pennsylvania, April 11, 2009
A report from Jin for

I fished the lower stretch of Valley Creek in Valley Forge National Park on Sunday morning with a decent caddis hatch.

You could see trout chasing caddis and making splashes on the surface trying to get the flies. I started nymphing with a caddis pupa and caught a decent number of small browns. I switched to a x-caddis later in the morning and it was a fish on every couple casts. Average fish was in the 12 inch class and there were plenty of them even in spots where I did not find fish last year.

Despite being the first decent day of dry fly fishing this year, my fish landed to take ratio was not bad.

The wet winter has been great for Valley Creek. The stream is flowing higher than last year, the fish are spread out, and have more places to hold. It's going to be good fishing this summer!

DIRECTIONS: Valley Forge National Park is open 6am-10pm. From Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and points southeast use U.S. 202 north to U.S. 422 west. From U.S. 422 west take Route 23 west for 1.8 miles then turn left at the exit ramp and merge to the center lane. The entrance to Valley Forge National Park is straight ahead.