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Some folks said they had a problem following the video so here are a few photos that will hopefully explain how to tie this useful knot
 photo flyknot001_zps8f4eadb7.jpg
Pass the line through the eye of the fly and form a loop with a fairly generous tag end.
 photo flyknot002_zps7d19a07a.jpg
Pinch the tag end and line between your fingers. Insert your forceps through the loop.
 photo flyknot003_zps8d263784.jpg
Using the forceps, rotate the fly 3 to 5 times. Due to the thickness of the line I used for this demonstration, I only went twice around the line.
 photo flyknot004_zps6c5f404f.jpg
Grab the tag end with your forceps.
 photo flyknot005_zps7fad485c.jpg
Pull the tag end of the line through the loop.
 photo flyknot006_zps96a26563.jpg
Pull and tighten the knot. A little natural lubrication will help snug the knot down.