Upper Madison River

Fly fishing on the Upper Madison River. Beautiful scenery and water loaded with tiny native whitefish and a couple of trout. The fishing was great, just not exactly the species we were targeting.

The Henry's Fork, Idaho

We arrived at a parking lot on the famous Henry's Fork and it was empty. We quickly strung our rods and fished our way upstream for a couple of hours. Our plan was to stick around for the evening action and as the sun began to set we were ready and in position to cast to rising trout.

Missouri River: Holter Dam to Craig

Our first drift of the week took us from Holter Dam to Craig. The morning was overcast and there was a light spattering of rain, but the fishing was awesome and by the afternoon the clouds had burned away and it turned into a very pleasant, and fishy, day for everyone. ol and rainy, but the fishing was awesome.

Missouri River: Dearborn to Pelican Point

The plan for today was drift Dearborn to Pelican Point.

Missouri River: Stickney to Prewett Creek

We floated Stickney Creek to Prewett Creek, nymphing and dry fly fishing as we traveled down the scenic Missouri River.

Madison River: Three Dollar Bridge

After fishing for a few hours on the Upper Madison River we decided to try our luck at Three Dollar Bridge. Since it was the Fourth of July weekend a lot of other people also had the same idea. It was crowded, but we managed to hook a few fish before heading off to grab some lunch and fish the Henry's Fork in Idaho.

Madison River: Palisades

Big Sky Anglers owner Joe Moore told us if we had some time in the morning we should stop and fish the Madison River at a spot called Palisades, which derives its name from the unique cliffs that tower above the river.

Missouri River: Stickney to Prewett Creek

The water level was dropping. I guess the folks who control the dams made a mistake and were cutting back the flow, a lot, as we drifted from Stickney to Prewett Creek.

Missouri River: Prewett Creek to Cascade

A very, very long drift today. We fished from Prewett Creek to the town of Cascade, passing through water that we seldom fish.

Missouri River: Land Of The Giants

We were driving from Craig to Bozeman for our flight home the following day but we had enough time to fish the legendary Land Of The Giants.

Jin and Tom prepare to fish for rising trout as the sun begins to set on the Henry's Fork in Idaho.