Montana, July 6-13, 2013

The Gallatin River, July 6


Mid Canon--Pelican Pt., July 9


Holter Dam--Craig, July 12


Holter Dam--Craig, July 8


Holter Dam--Craig, July 11


Who we fished with


Upper Madison River, July 7


Dearborn--Pelican Pt., July 10


Land of the Giants, July 13


We landed in Bozeman, Mt., and fished the Gallatin and Madison rivers but for the majority of the trip we mainly fished the Missouri River in Craig, Montana, in Lewis and Clark County. Official population of the town is 50 to 100 residents but during the peak trout season several hundred people are somewhere around town and if you count all the watercraft, Craig probably has the 7th largest navy in the world.

There are three fly shops in town--
Headhunters, The Trout Shop and CrossCurrents and all are well stocked with rods, reels, flies, fly tying material, lines, tippet, clothing, food and beverages. Drift boats, belly boats, canoes and kayaks are available for rental.

We brought rods from 4 to 7 weight for dry fly and nymph fishing. If you had to bring only one rod, bring either a 5 or 6 weight but if you can’t cast well in the wind I would opt for a heavier rod.

We used a variety of floating lines designed specifically for trout from Rio and Orvis. We brought flies with us, but consult with a guide or fly shop if you intend to tie your own. And it doesn't hurt to buy a few at the shops because some of the patterns are specific to the Missouri River and won't be found in any fly catalog. Other items--a good waterproof jacket and pack (sudden thunderstorms), sunscreen, bug dope (NO DEET--bad for fly lines), fly line dressing, dry fly floatant (Frog Fanny, Loon Aquel, Mucilin paste, Fly-agra), and a Buff so you don't inhale caddis and midges.