Honolulu, Hawaii, August 11, 2018
A report from Eric
Our good fishing friend SteveT was in town with his family for a short visit so the gang got together to do a bit of fly fishing on Saturday at one of our favorite hangouts.

SteveT, SteveL, Ken and I met at the parking lot of the spot we THOUGHT we were going to fish that day. But after checking the conditions and talking about where we SHOULD fish, we decided to turn around and fish at another spot that was a bit closer to town.
We geared up and walked about a quarter mile down the beach before SteveT and Ken peeled off and went in one direction while SteveL and I continued our hike down the beach for a bit more before we headed for the water to search for some bonefish.

Of course, you know who hooked up firs. The Bonefish Hunter SteveL. He caught a big pig — a 6 1/2 pound bone, then quickly added a 3 pounder to his count.
Both SteveT and Ken caught a fish but the one I hooked broke off.

We fished a bit more but finally called it a day. SteveT said he had a good time fishing so did all of us.
EQUIPMENT: Fast action 7 to 9 weight rods with floating lines and heavy leaders to withstand runs through the coral. Fly sizes from 2 to 10, weighted and unweighted depending on water depth and fishing condition.