Honolulu, Hawaii, March 12, 2017
A report from Eric for mikescatchreport.com
I finally got to go fishing last Sunday morning, catching the falling tide.

The weather was nice and the sky was clear. The wind was light, blowing from the east, as I walked down to my favorite spot and started casting.

I was kind of rusty because I did not fish for awhile. I made a few sloppy casts, then got kind of back into my rhythm. After about a half hour I changed to my Go To fly.

I made a decent cast and hook into a nice size bonefish that took me into my backing. This fish made a few good runs before I landed and released it.

I made my way down to The Rock and as I climbed up I saw three good sized bones coming straight towards me. I got my line ready and watched as the trio got closer. I made a cast towards my left, 15 feet out, and let the fly sink. I saw one of the bonefish turn towards my fly. I made a few short strips and “BAM” the bone took off straight towards the breakers. The fly line started to peel off my Lamson Litespeed reel followed by the backing. I knew what was about to happen and it did. The rod flexed straight as the pulling stopped. My 20 pound tippet was shredded.

After tying on a new tippet I decided to move to another spot that I fish. Here, I saw a blue shape coming towards me but it did not look like a bonefish. l made a cast to the right of this fish and started a fast strip. It grabbed the fly and took off. It did not make a long run but when I brought it in it was a nice Yellow Dot trevally. I caught one more bone and after that I decided to head in for the day.
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