Honolulu, Hawaii, August 15, 2016
A report from Eric for mikescatchreport.com
I went out this morning to catch the rising tide with my Sage 7 weight rod.

I started fishing the usual spots but got nothing untill I got to The Rock. I made a few cast, then suddenly this bone hit the fly and I had to jump off The Rock to chase this fish down. This bone went around three popper coral heads but since the tide was on the rise I was able to turn the fish around and head it towards shore where I landed and released it.

I made a few more cast but nothing else was passing through this area so I made my way down to another spot that usually produced good fish.

I made one cast and something took the fly, but it was not very big. But it had some fight in it. This fish turned out to be a Yellow Spot trevally and there was a whole school of them following the one I hooked!
After letting the first one go I made another cast and hooked up again, and again and again. I caught a total of eight Yellow Spot jacks and after the eighth I had enough and headed in.

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