Honolulu, Hawaii, April 19, 2015
A report from Eric for mikescatchreport.com

I went out this morning to try my luck at catching a few bonefish. I took a 9 weight rod that I made and a few new flies I tied the night before.

I made my way down the beach and waded out across the flats. The weather was cloudy and it looked like the sun was not coming out for a while.
I made my first few casts toward the breakers but had no takers so I headed for one of my favorite spots. Around this time the wind was blowing at around 25 to 35 with some gust hitting 40.

I made a cast and something took the fly. It did not feel like a bone at first, no hard pull, so I though it was a
small papio (Jack Crevalle). Then the fish took off running towards shore. After a few circles around me I landed a decent bonefish.

As I was walking towards the parking lot I hooked up with another bonefish and landed it. I was passing
The Rock as the tide was bottoming out at 0.4 feet so I climbed up and got off a few casts. I managed to hook two more bonefish and a few trumpet fish but the wind was so strong it blew me off The Rock so I headed in after that and called it a day.

EQUIPMENT: Eric used a 9 weight rod and floating line with an aggressively tapered leader and heavy tippet.