Honolulu, Hawaii, September 22, 2014
A report from Eric for mikescatchreport.com
The past week in Hawaii has been the hottest ever with only light to no trade winds. Temperatures have been in the 90's with a high on some islands of 93 degrees.

This morning, as I made my way out to fly fish at my spot, there were two other fishermen getting ready to head out. I quickly walked down the beach and when I arrived at my destination I quickly stripped out my fly line and got ready for some hot action.

The tide was somewhat high at this point in time but falling, expecting to bottom out at only 0.4 feet. I made my way down toward a point of land on the horizon and when I hit the flats I started to fish.

I fished for awhile but had no bites. I thought about where I was fishing and told myself I was too far out--I should be fishing the inside section of the flat where SteveT,
the o’io slayer, fishes.
I waded inshore and started to fish. I found a nice area, made a cast, and got a solid hook up. This fish started to make a v-line out towards the open ocean where there are numerous coral poppers. I was lucky that I was on the inside of that mess and managed to keep my line clear and eventually wrestle this really good size bonefish in. It weigh in at 6 pounds.

I fished a bit more and found a nice coral popper to stand on. there was a nice channel running in front of me and as I stood on this rock I notice a gray shape swimming towards me. It was a good old friend of my brother and SteveT, Mr. Puffer Fish. He circled me for a while and then swam off to the sand flats behind me.
I made a couple of casts and hooked into another good sized bonefish that made several runs. This one weigh in at 5 pounds.

Fishing was good and I also noticed there were a lot of small Pipefish and juvenile Jacks all over the place.

When I got back to the parking lot there were a lot of fly fishermen around, getting ready to head out. Some of them had ladders to stand on to help them spot cast to fish while others had the usual equipment. Overall it was a nice day to fish on a hot September morning.

EQUIPMENT: Eric used a 9 weight rod, weight-forward floating line and heavy leaders and tippet to deal with the many sharp coral heads in the area.