Honolulu, Hawaii, September 10, 2014
A report from Eric for mikescatchreport.com
It was the week of the Super Moon and usually the fishing is not that great but since the tide was going to be really low SteveT and I went out to do some fly fishing on the flats for bonefish.

We started out near The Circle. I was fishing outside and SteveT was inside. He hooked up first and landed a 4 pounder. I managed to get one on the line too but it took me into the coral poppers and tossed the hook, but as I was fighting my fish SteveT managed to hook and land another fish!

The tide was dropping as I started to make my way back towards the car. I hooked and landed a bonefish and while this was going on SteveT caught another

Besides the bonefish there were many juvenile trevally all over the place. When you dangle a fly in the water they are all over it. I must have caught 10 of these guys.

Anyway, as we continued along the flats to the car, SteveT caught ANOTHER bonefish. I found a coral ledge with a nice sand pocket and started to spot-cast to passing fish. As I waited, SteveT caught another bone.

I was scanning the area in front of me when I spotted a pack of bones heading my way. I made my cast and slowly start to the fly in. Bam! Fish on! This one took me into my backing and went for a long run. I fought it for a while but it spit the hook. In the meantime, SteveT was hooked up to another bonefish.

He began walking towards me, dragging something in the water behind him. When he got closer it turned out to be a 6 pound
oio. He said his arm was about ready to fall off from catching so many bonefish. We called it a day and made our way to shore.

The Super Moon proved to be good to both of us. Steve caught a lot of good sized fish and I manage to get a few for myself. There were also a lot of fish on the reef that day, from Yellow Spot Trevally, Mongoose fish and many small trevally

EQUIPMENT: Eric and SteveT used 8 and 9 weight rods, weight-forward floating lines and heavy leaders and tippet to deal with the many sharp coral heads in the area they fished.