Honolulu, Hawaii, August 24, 2014
A report from Eric for mikescatchreport.com
I went out this morning to fly fish and to also sharpen my casting skills. The wind was not blowing but the surf was up when I hit the flats. I started out by throwing a Kawaikui Pop-Pop Popper but no one wanted to taste this lure so I switched to a special flats fly that we use often.

After a few casts I hooked up with a five pound bonefish. I released it, walked down about 20 yards, and hooked a good sized fish that took me into my backing. After a good fight I landed the fish and it measured out to 23 inches.

I had about an hour left to fish so I headed to fish at
The Spot. I made a cast but the line was tangled so I had to undo the mess. As I started to strip in the line to recast something hit the fly.
I got lucky because the fish ran towards shore instead of dragging my line across the coral towards the open ocean. I fought and landed the fish and as I was ready to take the hook out I noticed the there was a small yellow piece of plastic sticking out of its back right next to the dorsal fin. It must have had a tag and it broke off, leaving just the yellow stub. The tag looked pretty old so this fish must have been out there for a while without getting caught by the bait fishermen.

After releasing the fish I moved over 10 steps to my left and made a cast towards a fish I spotted. I made two strips and, "BAM!" Fish on! I had cranked the drag down tight on the reel but the fish still pulled out line but not much as the light setting I usually use. So I heeled on the fish and brought this bad boy in quickly. It was not bad, a 4 pound bonefish.

Eric uses 8 and 9 weight rods with floating weight forward lines and heavy leaders.