Honolulu, Hawaii, June 11, 2014
A report from Eric for mikescatchreport.com
Kamehameha Day 2014 was a good to me.

I arrived at my spot at 5:30am. As I was walking down the beach to fly fish at my spot I saw some bait dunkers also walking out so I changed my plan a bit and waded out ahead of them.

I was 50 yards in front of them when I started to cast. I made one throw and hooked up with a four pound bonefish. After I released that fish I began making my way down the coast and started one of my best days for bonefish.
I soon picked up another fish around the same weight as the first one then made my way down to a spot that SteveL told me about. I made my cast and "Bam!" A hook up and a long run--going way out across the flats. This fish made two long runs and as I got most of my backing and line in the fish made two more short runs.

After the bonefish circled me a couple times I finally got it in. The fish measured 23 1/2 inches. After some pictures I released the fish, made another cast, and had another fish on! Before I moved on I had hooked three fish in this spot.

I walked further down the coast and hooked two more bonefish before calling it a day, landing seven fish and losing one on a cut-off.

EQUIPMENT: Eric uses an 8 or9 weight rod, floating lines, heavy leaders and tippet and an assortment of custom flies from 1/0 to size 10 tied for use in this area.