Washington County, Maryland, June 6, 2014
After I finished playing with the wild finned relatives of Mr. Brown at Big Hunting Creek for most of the morning I still had some time left before I had to head for home so I decided on a short side trip to fish at Beaver Creek.

The stream improvement plants have really taken off. Many of the once tiny saplings and shrubs are now mature trees and the native plants have taken over, masking the stream and making casting a challenge in some spots. And since
didymo, 'rock snot', is a problem I changed into a new pair of wading boots instead of wearing the pair I used at Big Hunting Creek.
I followed one of the paths to a spot where I could cross without stirring up a lot of muck. I noticed the water was running fast and was very dirty--probably still run off from the recent storms that blew through the area a few days ago. Once on the other side I followed a path tramped down into the knee-high grass and began nymphing some of the deeper spots on the creek.

Unlike the fishing on Big Hunting Creek, all the fish I caught here were Rainbows of a uniform size. The fish were quite pale, no bright silver and pink coloration, due to the dirty water (the fish will color up once the water clears) but they put up a pretty good fight on a 3 weight rod.

Like at Big Hunting Creek there was evidence that Beaver Creek had to deal with some pretty serious flooding. Two bridges spanning the creek were knocked out and resting on the bank and you could see piles of debris lodged in trees or on the bank.
I was past the second bridge when I decided to call it a day and head for home. I stopped off at Beaver Creek Fly Shop and they were interested in what I caught. I learned that a bunch of rainbow trout from the nearby hatchery had escaped into the creek a few days ago and they were wondering where they went. Their description matched the fish I had nymphed up today.

EQUIPMENT: I used a medium and fast 3 weight rod, weight forward line and a size 16 beadhead nymph.

DIRECTIONS: From I-70 heading towards Hagerstown, take Exit 66 (Boonsboro) and turn left at bottom of ramp. Continue down the road and turn right onto Beaver Creek Road, it's a small street sign as you enter a residential area so slow down and look carefully. Make a right turn at Beaver Creek Church Rd., follow the narrow road that will bear right across a one-lane bridge. Turn left and 100 yards up the road on your right will be the parking lot for the upper section of the creek which is fly fishing only. Gear up, cross the road, unchain the gate to enter and please replace the chain on the gate when you pass through. Respect the private property signs.
The arrow indicates a path that leads to Beaver Creek.