Honolulu, Hawaii, May 23, 2014
A report from Eric for mikescatchreport.com
Went out yesterday around 6:30am and made my way down to my usual spot.

The tide was down but was going to start rising around 8:30 so I made my way to the deeper part of the flats. After casting for a while with no hits I decided to make my way down the coast.

I stopped to fly fish a spot that is usually productive for me and made my first cast cast. As soon as the fly hit the bottom a bonefish picked it up and made a rooster tail in the water as it headed out towards the breakers. This fish peeled off all the fly line and started to take out backing. I slowed the run and when I finally got it in I took some pictures and weighed it. A six pounder.
I walked down towards The Rock, made a few casts, and hooked another fish. This turned out to be another six pound bonefish. I stuck around and continued to fish but didn't get any strikes so I headed home.

EQUIPMENT: Eric used his custom-built 9 weight rod and floating line.