Honolulu, Hawaii, May 6, 2014
A report from SteveL and SteveT for mikescatchreport.com
SteveT was slaying those fish today. He hooked five
oio to my two. A seven oio day!

We went out at dawn. The tide was very flat, just hovering at half a foot all morning with almost no wind. We saw a few fish cruising the flats so it looked promising.
I drew first blood with a nice five pounder that broke the first stripping guide on my rod. And I didn't hook another fish until two hours later. All the while SteveT was pulling in oio after oio, weke (Goatfish) and nu nu (Pipefish). SteveT was "da man" today.

SteveT added, "I forgot to mention one of my oio was so small i didn't even think I hooked an oio." It never got into the backing and must have been 10 inches long at most. SteveL came over as I was unhooking the fish and it was so small I begged him not to photograph it. So embarrassing!

And I also had this huge puffer fish follow me around for the longest time. It keep circling me like I was a pier post or something. It got so close I was able to nudge it with my leg. Funny, the same thing happened to me about a month ago. I think it was the same fish and it kept trying to eat my fly so I had to keep pushing it away.
EQUIPMENT: They used a fast action 8 or 9 weight rod and floating lines with an aggressively tapered leaders and heavy tippet.