Honolulu, Hawaii, May 4, 2014
A report from Eric for mikescatchreport.com
It was Sunday so I went out for my once a week fly fishing adventure at one of our favorite spots.

I arrived at the parking lot at around 5:15am--the sun comes up around 5:45 now that summer is just about here. I waded out to my spot and started to throw the fly.

I fished for about 15 minutes with no bites, so I changed the fly, made a cast and hooked up with a three pound bonefish. After releasing it I walked further out, made another cast and hooked up again! Again, this was another three pound fish. So I released it and walked down about 10 yards, made two cast and hooked another bonefish.

I made my way down to
The Rock and looked around to see if I could spot anything swimming past me but the clouds were out, making it difficult to see anything. So I made a cast to the right and had a tug but no hook up. I made several cast and then hooked into a fish. As my line started to leave the stripping basket it got tangled into a ball as it started to go through the guides. I grabbed it or it would have taken all the stripping guides off the rod.

I held onto the line and fought the fish that way until I was able to get the knot out. I landed a 2 1/2 pound bonefish. I was luckily that it was not a bigger one or I would have no guides left on my rod. Not bad of a Sunday of fishing--going four-for-four.

EQUIPMENT: I used a fast action 8 or 9 weight rod and floating line with an aggressively tapered leader and heavy tippet.