Lihue, Kauai, March 27, 2014
A report from Eric for
It was time for Spring Break so out family decided to fly to Kauai. Of course, I brought my fishing gear.

The sun was just starting to rise when I arrived at my favorite
moi (Pacific Threadfin) hole. In ancient Hawaii, the moi was difficult to catch since it usually lived and fed in areas that were pounded by waves. The fish was prized by Hawaiian royalty for its flavor and if a commoner managed to catch a moi and not offer it to the chief first, it was considered a death sentence.

I got my fishing gear out of the truck and walked down to the cliff. The water was just right for fishing for
the food of the kings. As I arrived at the spot I could feel that the fish were there. Waiting.

I rigged up and dropped a bait into the white water. After my second drop I had a bite.

This is a very rough area and any fish you hook can quickly cut you off on the sharp lava rocks. You need to lock the reel drag down and let the rod fight the fish. This was a very decent fish. I could feel the weight on the rod. When it surfaced in the white water I could see that it was a good one. I brought it up and it weight in at 2 pounds 10 ounces.

After catching a few smaller
moi, I called it a day and went with the family to Old Hanapepe town to look at the Swinging Bridge and some of the art gallery's and a hat and sticker shop. We had lunch at this place called Bobbies and had great home-made hamburgers. They also make good plate lunches so if you’re on Kauai be sure to check this place out.