Honolulu, Hawaii, March 15, 2014
A report from Eric for mikescatchreport.com
I went out this morning to fish the flats. The only problem was, the wind was blowing at 25 to 40mph with gust up to 60mph!

I walked down to my favorite spot and started to fish the deeper areas as the tide was rising. I made a few cast but had no takers.

I walked further out and made a cast with the wind at my back. I made one strip and hooked up.
The fish took me into my backing and I had to lock down the drag because of all the coral poppers that were in the area. I got my hands on the fish in and it measured 21 inches and weighed five pounds.

After letting the fish go I continued walking down the coastline and hooked a
papio (Jack Crevalle) before getting to The Rock but by this time the wind was howling so I called it a day.

EQUIPMENT: Use a fast action 8 or 9 weight rod and floating line with an aggressively tapered leader and heavy tippet.