Honolulu, Hawaii, January 19, 2014
Photo: Aquateamhungerforce
A report from Eric for mikescatchreport.com
I went out fishing with SteveT this afternoon. The wind was blowing in from the ocean, so there was not to much chop on the water.

We headed out towards the breakers and started to fish. Steve hooked up with a small one but it came off.

As I walked West, I came across a good size tako hole. This one was home so I called Steve over to help me and I managed to get a 3 pound octopus out. I told Steve I would make some poke and let he and his wife try some. We walk a little more and Steve hooked up again, landing a 3 pound bonefish. We continued to fish and Steve hooked up and landed a nice 5 pounder.

But then it was time to head in. Steve caught three bonefish and I got one pipefish and one tasty tako.

EQUIPMENT: We used a fast action 8 and 9 weight rods and floating lines with an aggressively tapered leader and heavy tippet.