Honolulu, Hawaii, October 25, 2013
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I went fishing this afternoon after work.

The winds were down and the tide was at 0.5 feet high. I started to fish at The Circle and slowly worked my way back to the parking lot but nothing bit for the first hour. I got my first strike when I was about midway down the flats, but it did not stick and there was no hook up.

Soon I got a second strike and this fish pulled, but not like a bonefish. It took line, but I could feel that this was a
papio (a Jack) and it gave me a good fight. I brought line in and the fish would take it back out. I finally brought it in and it weighed in at 3 pounds. After a few photos I released it to fight another day.

As I worked my way towards shore I made one more cast and hooked up with a rat bonefish that weighed in at 2 pounds. After releasing that fish it was time to head home.
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