Honolulu, Hawaii, August 11, 2013
A report from Eric for mikescatchreport.com
I went out Sunday for a few hours--the tide wasn’t great but I had to get out to fish.

I got to the parking lot around 6:15am and started to walk down to my spot. The tide was going to peak at 1.5 feet around 7:21am then drop to 0.6 inches by 1:00pm.

I started to fish the inside of the flats for about half an hour but I had no takers. I decided to make a fly change then made a cast to my right and hooked up with a small bone that weighed in at two pounds. After releasing the fish I walked about 10 yards, made a few casts then hooked up again but it wasn’t a good hook set and this one got off.

So I walked down another 10 yards and hooked up again and this turned out to be another two pound bonefish.

At this point I decided to turn around and head back to where I started. By this time the tide was starting to go down so I started casting toward the breakers. On my second cast, after the first strip, something big grabbed the fly. I was feeding line out of the stripping basket when it suddenly went slack. I brought the line in and saw the hook had broke on the bend. I tied on another fly, walked down 10 yards, and again a hook up! This bonefish took me deep into my backing and after a good fight I brought in another bone weighing in at five pounds.

I decided to start back to the parking area and on my last cast of the day I hooked up again. This one started to run left and out to the breakers. It broke my 30 pound tippet! After that I called it a day and headed in to wash off. Not bad for a few hours of fishing.