Honolulu, Hawaii, June 30, 2013
A report from SteveL for mikescatchreport.com
I took a break from work and ventured out to fish
$5 Flats on Sunday morning to catch the rising tide.

I walked straight out from the parking area. I had not fished here in over a year, ever since they did that
insane seaweed eradication project. No one was around.

The bottom out there looks like it recovered well and has a healthy cover of weed growth. Looked like
O’io (bonefish) grounds. I blind casted with my redington SS 8 weight for a half hour and got a good grab on my killer fly just around 7:30am. The fish took me for a ride, running out gobs of backing from my Lamson Radius 4 reel. I just let it run--there are no coral heads to hang up on.

Landed a six pound bonefish after a 10 minute fight. I was back in my car and heading home by 8:15am.