Honolulu, Hawaii June 8, 2013
A report from Eric for mikescatchreport.com
I went fly fishing today and started to walk out over the reef around 5:45am, starting to fish from the usual area and slowly working my way down to
The Rock.

I had no takers for the first hour so when I got to The Rock I decided to try to sight cast to passing fish.

The sun was going in and out of the clouds so it was difficult to spot the fish coming through the sand pocket. And sometimes when the sun did come out the wind started to blow, causing ripples across the water. But when the wind stopped AND the sun was out it was game on.

I started scanning the area for right to left then I saw a blue-grey shape just to the right of the rock and made a cast. I let the fly sit for a couple of seconds then started to strip the “What-U-Call That Shrimp pattern. Bam! Fish on!

The bonefish took off for the outer reef and I knew I had a problem. Line was peeling off my Lamson Konic reel so I jumped off the rock and followed the fish before it could cut my 20 pound tippett. I fought and landed and released the fish.

I climbed back onto The Rock and started to scan for bones. I spotted another fish close in and made a cast. I hooked it but this time my tippet must have had a nick from the previous fish and this one cut the line.

I went up to a 30 pound tippet and started to fish. I looked to the left and in the distance I saw six blue-grey shapes coming towards me so I made my cast just to the right of the pack. The fly landed in a good spot and I waited for the fish to arrive. I made two short then one long strip and I had a fish! This one made a v- line back to where it came from, straight for the rocks. I saw my line go under a coral head so again the chase was on. I went from coral head after coral head, untangling line until finally I got the fish in the open and brought this baby in. It weighed 5 pounds. After that I caught a trumpet fish and I figured it was time to head in.

I also went out on Sunday, June 9, and caught two bones with both weighing in at an even four pounds.