Honolulu, Hawaii, April 4, 2013
A report from Eric for mikescatchreport.com
I went out yesterday to one of our usual spots to try a new fly I tied.

The tide was low but slowly rising. It was a cold morning--61 degrees and I was freezing. I had 4 shirts AND a wet suit top. The sun started to come out a few hours later and it got a little warmer, but not by much.

I started fishing with a greenish fly and got a hit but no hook up. I tied on the fly that I made the night before and I got a hook up right away as I moved down the coast. And I hooked up again and again and again.

I stopped at
“The Rock” but there were no takers there. As I started to head in, I hooked up with a screamer that took most of my backing towards the breakers but then the line went slack. It broke my 20 pound leader.
So as I started to walk back in I thought I would make one more cast before calling it a day. Bam! Another o’io. So it was a good day for me. Most of the fish were in the 4 1/2 pound range and one at 5 pounds (I carry a small scale that I can see without putting on my glasses). This was my best day ever with 4 fish caught and 2 missed.