Honolulu, Hawaii, March 11, 2013
A report from Eric for mikescatchreport.com

After work I met SteveT at one of our
o’io (bonefish) spots. Steve was already on the reef and had already caught two fish near the point.

I waded out and started to fish. I had no takers so after awhile I changed to a small fly I tied the night before. Bam! I had a good strike. The fish started to take out line and guess
what happen again--WTF the rod tip came off! Again!

So I was fighting the fish without the tip of my rod. This was a good size fish and it was peeling backing off my reel. After it stop running I started to reel in the line as it started to run back at me. Then the line went slack the hook came out. So I reeled in the line and got the tip back on and made two casts before I had another hit.

I brought this fish in and must have weighted around three pounds. SteveT grabbed the fish and after unhooking we let it go. Then Steve got a hit and landed a
yellow spotted trevally that must have weighed between three to four pounds. After he released that fish he caught that go he caught an omilu (bluefin trevally).

We were getting cold (79 degrees) so we decided to head in to shore. On the way back I got another hit it that took me into the backing again but the hook fell out. SteveT said that was a good size fish and he also told me that my hook was most likely too small. Anyway we had a good day after all that rain.