Honolulu, Hawaii, September 19, 2010
A report from SteveL for mikescatchreport.com
So I finally got some quality time in to fish this weekend. It was fast rising morning tides with moderate tradewinds blowing over the flats.  I fished on Friday and had zero luck except for one Weke (Goatfish). I made the mistake of eating a banana with my cereal in the morning. Bad luck.

On Sunday I went fishing with an long time friend, Ed, and this time we tried another south shore flat (and I didn’t touch the bananas). Ed walked way out to the channel to dunk and I stayed inside by the mangroves to fly fish for
O'io (bonefish).

As I made my way through the mangroves in calf deep water, I saw a dorsal and tail pop up, so I slowly stalked the fish. I got off a good cast – the fish follows then does a quick 180 degree turn. So I switched to a different color fly. The fish would disappear then pop up again 50 feet away. This went on for about two hours. I finally used the fly pattern I gave BobW who
had good success with it when he was here in April.
I knew the general vicinity of the fish and cast into a deeper pocket. On my second cast I hooked up--the strike was slow and the fish started picking up speed and made a short run that went 20 yards into my backing. I brought it within 20 feet and it does another run into my backing. Considering the size, it didn’t fight a whole lot – it weighed 6 pounds 14 oz.  Was it a fat lazy fish?

I found some people fishing for
Oama (juvinile Goatfish) and had one of them take my picture.

Ed caught a 2 pound
Omilu (Bluefin trevally).  In all, we had a good morning. We wrapped up around noon and went to eat at the new Pancakes and Waffles restaurant at the Kapalama Shopping Center.

The place was packed and it seems that the favorite dish was
fried chicken and waffles--it seemed like every other table was ordering it. I had their eggs Benedict on waffles. Wow, it was great! So now I have new favorite breakfast place.