Honolulu, Hawaii, August 24, 2010
It's getting to be like "Groundhog Day". I hit the flats at 5:30am, see some fish, then get my butt kicked by said fish. Then go home.

I'm getting a bit frustrated by all the cut-offs. Some of them are my fault. Like fishing in an area that you KNOW you're going to loose the fish because (A) it's 20 yards from the outer reef edge and (B) you can see the bottom is studded with large jagged boulders and coral heads--like the one I'm standing on. But I do it anyway. Tippet strength doesn't seem to matter. Everything from 15 pound to 30 pound has been snapped or shredded.
Putting heavy pressure on the run has resulted in straightened hooks or broken leaders. Your knot tying deficiencies are exposed. But it's tough not to fish these spots because i know the fish have to pass through here to get to the flats. They all funnel through this area. It's a natural depression--a break in the outer reef that lets the big boys in to feed on shrimp, crab and invertebrates.

Maybe tomorrow I get lucky.

EQUIPMENT: I am using a 9 weight rod, floating line. Flies range from size 2 to size 10.