The flats, Honolulu, Hawaii, August 15, 2010
After fishing all day with Stan Wright and SteveL at Lake Wilson the day after arriving in the islands, I had some serious time to make up to my family. However my brother Eric and I managed to sneak out at 5:30am for a few hours on the flats. The wind was blowing and the rain came down the valley and over the water, creating a spectacular rainbow just as dawn poked its head over the horizon.

We started throwing flies just a few yards off the beach at the spot where
my brother fought and lost a--something. He never saw the fish, but it gave him a serious ass kicking and he was looking for some payback today. However nobody wanted to play.

No bonefish at the end of the rainbow, but a great way to start a beautiful Sunday morning.

EQUIPMENT: Trade winds pushing 15 to 20 mph, so we needed the big guns. Nine weight rods and floating lines.