Honolulu, Hawaii, July 4, 2010
A report from Eric
Hey Mike: I went fishing in
Yap--no bonefish but we caught some Yellowfin tuna and Mahi Mahi from the hotel's boat. We got six hours of fishing for $150. I have photos but the computer can’t download the pix from the new camera. I think it can’t read the new SDHC card.

Anyway, I had some lessons in fly casting from the Dr. Gary, who went with me to Yap for the clinic. So back in Hawaii, on the Fourth of July, I wanted to try some of the casts he showed me so I went out to our spot. I got there at around 5:25am and the water was still so I walked down the beach about 25 yards and started out.
Around 30 yards out from shore I saw some very good size tails so I made a few casts that were off target and then managed to make one good cast that landed just about three yards to the right of this fish. I waited a few seconds before starting to strip in the line then it happened. The fish got a hold of the fly and started to take off.

So here I am, fish taking out line fast, and as you know this is
only the second time that I have hooked up with an O’io. So what to do--I let the fish take some line and as it was going out I palmed the reel to slow the fish down. Wrong move. The line went limp and I thought it cut the 15-pound leader but it wasn't the line. The hook bent straight. I couldn't believe it. So that’s the story of the 4th of July O’io.