Honolulu, Hawaii, May 14-16, 2010
A report from SteveL for mikescatchreport.com
I fished Friday with ET and his friends from Alaska - caught nothing. In fact, none of us caught anything.  We fished the area for five hours on a rising tide and saw a couple of bonefish but had no takers.
Tthe rest of the weekend was windy and rainy.  
So on Sunday I spent the day with the wife. We had a nice breakfast at
Tango Contemporary Cafe and then we headed over to Ward 16 to take in a movie - Letters to Juliet.  A good movie to take the wife. I ate a plate lunch at Pa'ina Cafe at Ward Warehouse - they have wonderful poke bowls that you can top with natto beans and other delectable goodies like kim chee, taegu, etc. I had their Hawaiian plate with spicy shoyu ahi poke, Stay ono!

Anyway came home and figured the tide was still going up and would peak out at two feet around 6pm. It was around 4:45pm so I figured I had a small window of day light to fish.

I waded out in stomach-deep water all the way out to a point where I knew it would be a little shallower, about thigh-deep. I figured the fish would cross over this area as they move into the flats to feed. It was not the best conditions to fish but it felt good to be in the water. Around 6:30pm I got my bite. A "rat" as ET would call it. It was 3 pounds 12 ounces. I tagged and released it and called it a good day.