Honolulu, Hawaii, December 25, 2009
A multi-day fly fishing report from SteveL for mikescatchreport.com
I took off the last ten days of December to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. But coupled with the
state-imposed furloughs I ended up taking only three vacation days off.
I started off fairly hot, catching a couple of nice sized bonefish the day after Christmas with the largest about 6.5 pounds. After that I was hardly able to hook up to anything. It was tough fishing--quite a difference from previous years. Even the tako are coming in late this season.
I also fly fished with SteveT most of last week. SteveT worked very hard for his fish and I was able to get a couple of big hookups only to have them break off on coral.
Last week Wednesday we went with DougL to fly fish on the other side of the island-- accessing the flats through his uncle's beachside property. It was a mini-adventure that started with a raft ride across the channel then it was on to the flats that stretched along half a mile of shoreline. However for all our efforts we only saw four
Oio--none of which gave us any chances at a decent shot. Fishing always seems to better on the days you're not there.

SteveT faired better fishing back on the south side of the island. He would catch three or four bonefish then would have a slow day where he either got nothing or hooked only one fish. He was able to hook three small fish on his last day in Hawaii.
I fished Sunday morning on a steep falling tide and had to fight a stiff Kona wind. I tried to even the odds by fishing with a Monic line but I got no bites at all and spent most of the time fighting wind than fighting fish.

At least the scenery was beautiful.