Honolulu, Hawaii, October 14-15, 2009
A report from SteveL
I spent almost my entire weekend fishing!

On Saturday EdT (ET) invited me to join his friends to fish
Triangle Flats.  We met at the boat harbor at 7am and motored out to the hallowed bonefish grounds. Fishing with us were JarodE., NataliaA., Barry and DougL. Jarod and Natalia are guides in Kenai, Alaska, and were in town visiting Ed. 

The flats were swimming with fish. Tails were waving everywhere. Everyone hooked up multiple times except for me. I would toss my fly in one direction and the fish would go the other way.  I had one good opportunity to hook a very large bone as I was walking back to the boat at the end of the day but I pulled the fly out of the fish's mouth. But I did manage to catch a nice white
Papio (juvenile trevally). In my defense, it was a bad day to fish the flats, according to ET.
Same thing happened the next day when I fished the flats on the south side of the island. I spotted three
Oio tailing and threw my fly in the vicinity and waited. Then I slowly stripped the fly . I felt the fish take and I stripped to set the hook. Pulled it right out of its mouth!  Later on I redeemed myself and caught a small fish blind casting off the point butI was the only one that caught a fish Sunday.
Over the weekend I also figured out that I am crappy at
sight fishing. According to DougL, who I walked the flats with in the afternoon, he spots about 40 percent or more of his fish by color. And of course that percentage is higher because you use color to follow the tailing fish you see too.  Which means that I can't see more than half the fish out there!  But at least I've gotten good at blind casting. And I'm truly casting blind!
Next week LawrenceC, SteveT's friend, comes into town . I plan to fish with him Friday and Saturday. Maybe we'll have better luck.