A stream in Pennsylvania, October 10, 2009
Editor’s note: Sorry, no pictures allowed.

A report from Jin

Recent rains sent a torrent of water through the stream, moving trees and changing the shape of some of my favorite pools. The one pool in particular (which at first glance does not resemble suitable trout habitat) where I spent a couple of glorious days hooking fish after fish was pretty much gone.

Where I would normally see dozens of wild browns swimming around lazily just waiting to eat my fly I now could only see less than a dozen. On this afternoon, only one ate my fly.

Disappointed, I made my way up through the debris and came upon a deep pool. I have fished this pool before but had mixed success because the fish were so spooky. I spent a little more time waiting for them to settle down.

The down time helped me to look carefully at the pool and spot fish. There was, in fact, a lot of fish. I stopped counting but I must have hooked eight or more before I started feeling bad for Mike who hasn't been able to wet a line since coming back from Hawaii (
Editor's note: I had the flu). I decided to leave the pool for Mike and kept moving and fishing further up stream.

There were a couple of other pools that held a mass number of fish. I spent time casting into one of them with similar success. I'm not sure how many I caught but this was one of the few days where I stopped fishing and went home before I got into trouble.

EQUIPMENT: Short 3 or 4-weight rods, floating lines, long leaders and fine tippets.