Honolulu, Hawaii, October 4, 2009
A report from SteveL
I met Ed T this morning on the flats.  Ed wanted to catch the rising tide to see if we could spot fish coming in across the shallows. It was cloudy and windy - making fish spotting difficult - so we blind casted for a couple of hours while waiting for the tide to start moving up. 

The water was low but to me it looked really good for blind casting. Off the point I hooked up to a fiesty fish that ran all over the place - this was one of three
Oio (bonefish) I caught today. 
As the tide turned we again went back to sight fishing which was hit or miss as the sun would go in and out in between the cloud cover. On the inside of the flats Ed spotted six fish - one of them swam past in front of us by about 8 feet - but no hookups. 
After we came in we figured we'd try 
Triangle Flats next - but that's another report.