Wahiawa Reservoir, Hawaii, October 3, 2009
A report from SteveL
I set out early Saturday morning to meet
Stan Wright at Wahiawa Reservoir to try our luck at fly fishing for Tucanare (Peacock Bass) and Red Devils. We had just come off of some overnight rains over the Koolaus so the water level was up by a couple of feet - and apparently reports were coming in that the fishing was slow all week.  But that didn't deter us from going out to try. 
We started off fishing near the dam and caught a couple of Red Devils and minute Tucs, like 2-inch size, and then worked our way up the North Fork and hit every possible structure we could. Stan even gunned the boat to create a shore wave to see if that would stir up some action. It would be like that all day.  
In the late afternoon Stan caught a 2 3/4 pound Tucanare along the shoreline and tagged it. We worked the shoreline and structures, looking for Tucs busting the surface for baitfish. According to Stan sometimes these feeding episodes last for an hour.  We didn't see any fish busting the surface until close to 4pm and even those were only lasted about 20 seconds. However we were able to catch up to one of these feed frenzys and managed to pull in a couple small Tucs.
Athough it was a slow day, it was very relaxing and really nice to cruise the lake and I would do it again in a heartbeat.


I forgot to add that on the way back from the reservoir yesterday evening - I was coming down the H1 freeway in Kaimuki and hit a big bird. It just shattered my windshield. My wife said I was really lucky it wasn't worse damage - I'm sure if it hit the middle it would have blown out the entire glass.
Update 2
I spent half my day at the glass shop in Salt Lake area getting a new windshield. Fortunately my insurance covered most of it and I only paid $50. On the way home I was driving home today pass the same area I hit the bird. I noticed a black shape about the size of a large cantalope on the side of the highway next to the median wall. It had feathers and looked like a black chicken! No wonder it was so heavy It must have weighed several pounds.