Honolulu, Hawaii, September 27, 2009
A report from SteveL
I was amazed I even got up this morning after spending yesterday evening at my 35th
high school reunion.  About 90 of my classmates got together to reacquaint ourselves and reminisce about our younger days. But I was in the water by 7am. 

I saw another fly fisherman sight fishing in the distance. I think it was "Ed" the guide from
Nervous Water Fly Fishers.  The strong winds (10 - 20+ mph) and the Century Ride both were factors for so few anglers out in the morning - which was fine with me.

I worked the same area where Steve T. caught his fish
the last time he was here for about an hour and then started moving toward the point.I was standing about 50 yards from the point on the east corner when I got my first strike. It ran almost 80 yards before I was able to start fighting it and finally landed it after a long ten minute fight.It weighed close to 6 pounds and measured 22 inches.  

About a half hour later, I got another strike but this one doesn't fight as hard and I pulled this one in quicker. It was just shy of 5 pounds and measured 21 inches.

EQUIPMENT: Albright XX 7 weight rod with 9 weight line loaded on a Lamson 4 Hard Alloy Velocity reel. It casts almost as well as the $1000 combo 8wt Sage Xi3 that Clay let me play with last weeked at the National Hunting and Fishing Day. Hmmm, maybe someday when my wife makes a million $'s I'll get one.