Pennsylvania, September 7, 2009
A report by Jin
I went back to fish that special trout pool. When I was there a few days ago there were over 30 trout there but the school seemed a little thinner today.

I started out throwing beetles but fish were not looking up so I switched to nymphs and started hooking up. I'm not sure how many fish I hooked but I think I brought about six to hand.
One of the larger fish in the pool snapped my leader and took the fly with the indicator still tied to the line and swam away. As I continued fishing I could see the indicator move around with the fish. I was planning to chase down the fish with my indicator after I was done but then I managed to get that fish back on the line by casting over the indicator and snagging it with my fly. For a while I was fighting the fish that had my indicator but the indicator snapped off and the fish escaped.

I fished up stream and found a couple of other pools that appeared devoid of fish at first glance but upon closer inspection were loaded with trout. This stream has at least four honey holes just loaded with fish and there might be more.