Honolulu, Hawaii, August 12, 2009
I was crazy. I was desperate. It was probably a little of both.

I was already several days into a trip to Hawaii and my bonefish tally was a big, fat goose egg. Nothing. The problem was
Tropical Storm Felicia, which was whipping up high winds and generally messing up the fishing throughout the state. I took BobW (who was in town on business and had a free day) fishing on the flats a few days ago and that trip was a disaster due to the approaching storm. It only got worse from that point.

I fished for four straight days with nothing on the hook except seaweed. On the day the storm was passing closest to the islands I was up and out by 6am and all the fishing locations were washed out, with the water looking like chocolate milk. One spot was clear and fishable but the gusts, which approached 40 mph, and the solid curtain of rain made things miserable. After three hours I gave up and went home. Later, SteveL warned me not to go into the water due to all the potentially harmful stuff that washes into the ocean during the storm.

NOTE: It took two days for conditions to clear and the reef flats to return to somewhat normal conditions.

EQUIPMENT: I used a 9-weight rod and floating line. Leaders were shortened to combat the wind. Flies ranged from size 2 to 6 Charlie patterns.