York County, Pennsylvania, July 25, 2009
Jin was in town and had some time to fish so we decided to meet Tom for a few hours on Codorus Creek.

Heavy thunderstorms had passed through York County over the past few days and the creek was running high and murky. It was a hot and muggy summer day but the cool 58 degree water felt great as we stepped off the bank to begin fishing. We spread out down the length of the Codorus but I made the mistake of following behind Tom. Never fish behind a professional. However I learned a lot by watching him so it wasn't that bad and I did pick up a small, and I emphasize the word 'small', wild brownie.
With the water running high and stained there was no surface feeding despite the bright sunshine so all the fishing was subsurface. I figured there would be lots of wiggly things washed into the creek after the heavy rain so I started out with a size 14 San Juan worm and tied on a size 18 emerger as the trailing fly. This combination worked for most of the day with all of the hits coming on the smaller trailing fly. There is one aspect to the Codorus trout and that is you have ONE chance at hooking and landing the fish with the fly you're using. If you strike and miss, there is no second chance with that fly no matter how many times you toss it to the same location. Resting the area and using that time to change your fly might give you a second shot at that fish, but these trout are pretty educated and are not easily caught.
Tom was having success in front of me and landed a few trout using a heavily weighted size 18 bead head emerger but fishing was still tough. Jin wasn't having much luck either and managed to hook and land one fish. I had several takes but did not land any of them. After a few hours we broke for lunch then it was time for us to hit the road for home. Tom continued to fish and managed to land a few more fish before he called it a day.
EQUIPMENT: We used 3 and 4-weight rods with floating lines. The water shallow but very cold, even during the summer, so you might want wear heavy socks under your waders.

DIRECTIONS: I-95 towards Baltimore to 795 Towson to Exit 9B Hanover Pike (30) into Pennsylvania. The road becomes Baltimore Pike (94). Exit Grandview Road, turn right at the restaurant on Blooming Grove Road (216) and several hundred yards later a left on Hoff Road (look for the Lamb of God). Codorus State Park and Lake Marburg will be on your right as you travel down Hoff Road. STOP at the railroad crossing! Codorus Creek runs along a CSX rail line and parts of Park Road, Porters Road, Hayrick Road and Thomas Drive. Look for the small yellow signs that indicate fishing areas and parking. Please respect all property owners and don't trash the stream.