Charles County, Maryland, July 10-11, 2009
Paul invited me to his place on Cobb Island to try our luck fishing for summer striped bass.

I arrived around 4:30pm Friday afternoon and because the weather was so nice we decided to try our luck night fishing off the Wicomico River for
croakers or whatever else would bite.

After downing a quick dinner we picked up his neighbor Jack and were soon anchored and fishing. I was using an ultra-light spinning rig and on my first drop I caught a small
striper that measured around 14-inches. After clearing the hook it was back to fishing and soon all of us were deep into fish for the next several hours. Paul picked up one of the biggest croakers I've ever seen and I caught a number of smaller ones as well as tons of six to eight-inch spot and an oyster.

The following day we got an early start because thunderstorms were scheduled to sweep in the afternoon. The plan was to head out to the bay, but the water was a bit choppy and the wind was up a bit so we began to fish from Piney Point back towards Cobb Island. We set out a variety of lures and switched out often but there were few fish marked on the finder and all we managed for the day was a striper so small that it didn't even pull drag on the reel.