Honolulu, Hawaii, June 16, 2009
A report from SteveL
My son took a part-time job at the bakery and he starts work at 5am. I got up at 4:30am and although he said he would walk, I insisted on driving him to work. I had plans to spend a couple of hours "practicing" my casting on the flats before heading for the office.

In the pre-dawn light I headed out onto the flats in front of a stream. It was a low tide so I waded out to the reef pass where I had had multiple strikes on the

I got my first hit at 6am. It ripped out yards of backing as it headed into the pass. I was able to turn it after it took out 60 to 70 yards of backing. I was expecting it to hang up on a coral head at any moment. As it was, luck was on my side and I landed the fish. It was a nice bonefish (
o'io)about 23.5 inches and weighed 4.5 pounds. I tagged and released it. Over the next half hour I had two more heavy strikes, but both times my furled leader failed. I guess the first fish ran over the rocks so after losing those two fish I switched to my tried-and-true 50/40/30-pound leader - which almost never fails.The flats-

Not a bad way to start the day, but it was time to go to work. I could have spent another couple of hours fishing - a surfer at the showers had a similar lament. The guys hanging out at the park were amused when I came out of the restroom dressed for work. Well my son starts again at 5 am tomorrow - "so tomorrow is another day".