Honolulu, Hawaii, January 16, 2009
A report from SteveL
We all had a day off on Friday in anticipation of some really
lousy weather. All schools were closed and all non-essential workers were ordered to stay home. Because of the budget difficulties, the governor didn’t give us the normal half day off on Christmas and New Years eve, so this kind of made up for that.

As it turned out, Friday morning (in my neighborhood) was a little gusty,
partly cloudy and no rain. No 50 mph winds (only in the upper elevations above 2000 feet). I heard on the news that Mauna Kea clocked winds upwards of 100 mph. It rained the night before but only for a couple of hours. I called EricW and I figured we’d take advantage of the “good” weather and go out to test my new Albright XX 9wt rod.

As nice as it was in my neighborhood, the storm was definitely evident along the coastline and ocean. The lee side was sheltered but as you rounded the point there was a steady 25 mph wind from the gusting upwards to 35-plus mph. You could see the wind line as the water was churning with white caps. We headed to the point because it is the best place to fish on a dropping tide. It was walking into stormy seas. I kept my leader short and put less line in the air and let the wind carry the rest. The XX rod worked really well. It may become one of my favorites from now on. I was using my 10wt Monic line.

We fished for a couple of hours – walking with the wind to our backs for several hundred yards. At one point I glanced back and noticed the entire horizon was this dark gray mass coming towards us, consuming everything in its path, so we quit and hurried in, but the torrent of a rain squall caught us as we reached the shore.

As it was I caught two
lizard fish and nothing else. I guess even the Oio (bonefish) know when to hunker down in stormy weather.

I got home in time to take the wife to lunch and a matinee movie. It was a very complete day-off and another good day for fishing (and any day of fishing is a good day).

And here's a picture of my newly designed stripping basket / box using
castor sockets for fingers. It works really well.

EQUIPMENT: Eight to 10 weight rods with floating line. Reels hold at least 200 yards of backing. Flourocarbon leaders and an assortment of flies from size 2 to 6.