Washington County, Maryland, December 19, 2008
The weather really stunk. I had a few hours to kill. So I went fishing.

Heavy rain and thick fog blanketed the area as I pulled into the parking lot at Beaver Creek and as I suspected, nobody was out fishing. A quick recon of the parking lot indicted that no one had made an early morning sweep of the creek. I had the whole place to myself.

I began drifting nymphs through the slower water on either side of the main flow. Despite the steady rain, the creek was only lightly stained and the flow and water level were manageable.

The water was smooth and the drifts were slow and steady but I was too anxious and yanked the fly away from two fish that just barely tickled the indicator. About an hour into my fishing I got a solid strike from a nice brown trout but after a short and dirty fight it pulled free because I could not reach down far enough with the net because the creek bank was too high. I need to grow longer arms.

I moved up to fish around a stand of large trees and just dropped the fly into the water, letting the current carry it under the roots and limbs that were hanging into the water. I quickly pulled out a decent 12-inch rainbow out then after letting the water rest for 15 minutes I tossed the fly into the same spot and pulled out another rainbow.

The rain picked up intensity and was really pelting down. Time to leave. I slowly worked over the water I already fished with a new fly but there were no takers so I packed up and went to the nearby gas station for a hot dog before heading home.

EQUIPMENT: A fast action 9' 5-weight rod with weight forward floating line and heavy fluorocarbon leader. I use an assortment of nymphs and streamers.

DIRECTIONS: From I-70 heading towards Hagerstown, take Exit 66 (Boonsboro) and turn left at bottom of ramp onto Mapleville Road (66). Continue down Mapleville Road and turn right onto Beaver Creek Road. Turn right again onto Beaver Creek Church Road and continue to drive until you cross the one-lane bridge. Turn right. About 100 yards past the bridge, on your right, is the fly fishing parking lot. Follow the signs and instructions.