$5 Flats, Honolulu, Hawaii, November 4, 2008
A report from SteveL
After voting, I was obligated to do a very patriotic and American duty, I went fishing! What better way to spend the remainder of Election Day?

I was using a new fly rod and reel I bought from the
Albright Tackle sale this past month ( the rod and reel were good deals at 70% off); a 8-9 wt Meridian five piece with and Albright 7-8 GP reel loaded with a Scientific Anglers WF9F bonefish line and backed by 280 yards of Power Pro braided line.

The tide had peaked at two feet around 9:00am and I figured I could catch the dropping tide through lunch hour and into the afternoon. I reached
Five Dollar Flats around 10:30am and headed out. Over the next few hours I caught a variety of fish – Needle Fish, Trumpet Fish, Christmas Wrasse, Lizard Fish while working my way to a spot off the point that I hadn’t tried before. The area looked like perfect Oio (bonefish) grounds. I stood in knee deep water, casting into the deeper depressions. Directly in front of me was a major break in the reef. I was standing in front of Bonefish Highway.

Around 1:30pm I get a hard strike and latched into a five pound
Oio. Feisty, it gave me a lot of short runs, turning me around several times refusing to be landed. I tagged and released it. I move over about 50 yards and start to work the area. Soon I get another hit but this fish was big. It rips out backing, my drag was screaming and the reel was spinning in blur. It was out over 100-yards before I was able to turn it. I could feel it hang up a couple of times on the coral but I fought the fish for a while and just when it was within 15-feet from me the line went slack. The leader broke. While I never saw it, having experienced long blazing runs before and this seemed like it was at least an 8 or 9-pounder.

All in all, I hooked 10+ fish today which included three
Oio. Don’t you wish every Election Day could be like this? God Bless America!

I'm Mike, of mikescatchreport.com, and I approved this report.