Honolulu, Hawaii, November 1, 2008
Alan and I tried this “new” spot to fish. I had a tip that it had a lot of action.

On my first cast I caught a
Moi and then for the next couple of hours I hooked into Papio (jack crevalle) and Oio (bonefish). I lost count of the number of Oio I pulled in. Interestingly, all the fish were the “other” species (Albula neoguinaica) with pointed lower jaw. I used my ultra light tackle to fight these fish and had a lot of fun.

We even went really late into the day--around 10am and there were sun bathers and swimmers in the water and the fish still bit. Used cut shrimp for bait on the end of two feet of leader with a sliding sinker to weigh it down.

It sounds too good to be true. Well, yes and no. We did not land a single fish that was
large enough to tag. Prior to this Alan said he never caught an Oio smaller than three-pounds. We were so amused by the small fish that we kept fishing.

EQUIPMENT: Spinning rods with egg sinkers too keep the bait in the strike zone.