Honolulu, Hawaii, October 18, 2008
A report from SteveL
Alan and some boy scout friends went to
Nuuanu Reservoir #4 to fish this past weekend and pulled in one ten pounder, two sevens and a couple of two pounders.

My son said he was so bored. He doesn’t understand yet that the worst day of fishing is better than the best day at work. He doesn’t understand my enthusiasm to fish, but someday he will.

After fishing here
last week and seeing the low water level, we walked to the opposite side of the reservoir to fish the cliff section and took only short rods because long casts were not necessary here. All the deep water was right in front of us. The catfish that normally hang out in the back of the reservoir by the fish feeder were now in the deeper areas which are located in front of the cliff.

I took advantage of the low water by walking along the new shoreline, picking up six pounds of lead sinkers.

LOCATION: This reservoir, located just off the Pali Highway outside of the city of Honolulu on the island of Oahu, has approximately 25 acres stocked with catfish and tilapia. It is open to public fishing three times a year, beginning in May, August and November. A lottery is held via a fishing application card turned in by anglers several weeks in advance of opening day. A lottery drawing is then held by the Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources to determine fishing times and weekend fishing dates. A fresh water fishing license is required.

Short 6 1/2 to 7-foot medium to heavy action rods with stout lines rigged to three-way swivels with lead sinkers and circle hooks tipped with the most foul smelling bait you can imagine. Do not get any of this stuff on your clothing.