Honolulu, Hawaii, April 6, 2008
SteveT took SteveL to fly fish at Rat Island, a mythical place filled with large hungry rodents and equally large and hungry bonefish that appear on the sand flats on a rising tide.

The first day of fishing was the best. Both Steve's landed and released five bonefish. In the mix were some they could not stop, even with the drags on the Bauer and Lamson reels almost zeroed out. One large bone bent SteveL's hook almost straight.

However the second day of fishing wasn't as great and the numbers not as high. SteveT said, “there are opportunities to sight fish, but the fish are really spooky."

All the rats rummaging around on the island looking for birds nest to pillage or rotten fruit that washed in on the rising tide also grossed them out.

EQUIPMENT: Both Steve's used 8 weight rods and floating lines. Any color fly will work as long as it's orange.