Baltimore County, Maryland, March 21, 2008
A report from Jin

I arrived at the Masemore parking lot around 5pm, got my gear together, and walked upstream to fish the elbow pool before it got dark. Air temperature was in the mid 50's and water temperature was 43 degrees. The water was low and slightly stained.

I could see sporadic rises as I made my way upstream but judging from the soft rings they formed on the water it appeared the fish were feeding just beneath the surface.

Tiny tan midges were everywhere as I worked my way below the first major riffle and spotted small browns leaping out of the water eating midges. I managed to hook four browns with a
Para-Nymph and CDC midge pattern. LDR (long distance release) on all of those fish. I finally tied on a size 18 Serendipity with wings (beaded nymph with pheasant tail body and wing casing). The first drift through the same pool I had been fishing landed my only trout of the day.

It started getting dark so I worked back down to the Masemore parking lot and worked over couple of the sippers in the flat water. No luck.

I found the fish to be selective but not terribly skittish. You need to use long leaders (14 feet plus) and tie on 7X tippet.

EQUIPMENT: Use anything from a 3 to 6 weight rod depending on the size of fish you are after. Leaders 9 to14 feet long at 4x or 5x are good for general use but lighter tippet up to 7x and longer might be needed earlier or later in the year. Check the Backwater Angler fly shop for more details.

DIRECTIONS: Take I-95 towards Baltimore then left onto I-695 to Towson. Take Exit 24 and merge onto I-83 Timonium/York, PA. Take Exit 27 Mt. Carmel Rd/MD-137 toward Hereford. Turn left onto 137 (Mt. Carmel Road) and follow for 1/4 mile. Turn left onto Masemore Road and slowly follow the narrow road downhill and past the old stone house on the corner. Fly fishing parking is just before the Masemore Road Bridge.